5 The key to choosing the right air fryer


The conventional fryer

You can choose between fresh or frozen fries that you place in the oil heated by a resistor. This type of fryer is often sold with a cover having an odor and an oil filter filtration system. A removable tank is very convenient to be able to empty the oil easily.

The semi-professional fryer “cold zone”

These devices are most often used in restaurants. We plunge the basket of its desired foods in oil. A “cold zone” is located below the resistance at the bottom of the tank. It allows different residues to fall into this area to avoid certain odors such as a convenient and economical system. Oil stays healthy longer.

The forced air fryer

It is the revolutionary fryer that requires little oil.

Result: lighter and dietary fries with only 3% fat. This new technology circulates warm air in the tank. Foods are stirred throughout cooking. There is very little maintenance to predict; the fryer parts dishwasher-safe.

Who does not like the fries? Yes, many of us love this dish, especially children. To achieve the safe, the electric fryer is ideal! With a timer, a removable bowl, or a cold zone (for fryers professional type), you are guaranteed to pass your chips and to please all tastes.


During the Sunday meal, the fries, the inevitable favorite dish of all. Large volumes of fryers are thoughts for you. These fryers XXL have a large capacity. For family use, choose a model that can cook more than 1 kg of chips at once.


A timer allows you to manage the cooking time. A glance at the digital display and you know the remaining cooking time. In all cases, the audible alarm warns you of the end of cooking.

Removable bowl

The removable tank can be easily removed from the body of the fryer. This convenient feature makes maintenance and cleaning of the tank (directly into the sink or in the dishwasher) and filtering the oil to get rid of cooking residue.

The adjustable thermostat

To adapt the cooking temperature according to food and recipes, it is best to choose a fryer with a thermostat control. The temperature generally recommended is between 150 ° C and 190 ° C.

The power

To avoid the heating time and cooking too long, it is best to choose a fryer with minimum power. The idea is to be equipped with a fryer at least 2000W.

Stainless steel cold zone

The cold zone is the area under the immersion resistor. The advantage? It allows food residue fallen into the bottom of the fryer, not char. The oil, therefore, remains cleaner longer. Another advantage: it avoids the mixing of odors. This is the fryer “pros” of frying!

You dream of chips that do not jeopardize your diet? Some fryers manage the feat to combine greed and dietary using only one tablespoon of oil for fries (and absolutely nothing for frozen fries)! One of the most common fryers is the Phillips air fryer(Check this review about 5 best air fryer from 1cupawesome)

Versatile, these new fryers are not limited only to chips and can also transform into the electric frying pan to cook fried vegetables, meat or fish and even desserts…

You have 4 or 6 people at home? Do not panic, the biggest fryers can contain up to 1.5 kg of feed. No need to watch the cooking, some of them offer several cooking programs or an automatic stop for your convenience.


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