20 Best Mexican Restaurants in NYC

In a mood for something caliente? You don’t need to travel all the way to Yucatán or Puerto Vallarta or even Veracruz for authentic tamales or a golden margarita. There are plenty of great places in New York City you can enjoy cuisine at. So next time you go slasa dancing in the city, fill up your fuel at one of these great places that we have selected for you. Enjoy!



Rosa Mexicano

rosa mexicano Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 61 Columbus Ave, New York NY 10023
(At 62nd St)
Phone: (212) 977-7700
Website: www.rosamexicano.info
Features: Casual Elegant, Mexican, Nuevo Latino



toloache Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 251 W 50th St, New York 10019
(Btwn Broadway & 8th Ave)
Phone: (212) 581-1818
Website: www.toloachenyc.com
Features: Casual Elegant, Mexican



agave restaurant Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 140 7th Ave S, New York 10014
(Btwn Charles & W 10th St)
Phone: (212) 989-2100
Website: www.agaveny.com
Features: Casual Elegant, Mexican, Southwestern, Nuevo Latino


La Palapa

LaPalapa Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 77 St Mark’s Pl, New York 10003
(Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave)
Phone: (212) 777-2537
Website: www.lapalapa.com
Features: Casual Dining, Mexican



bamboleo Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 170 Bleecker St, New York 10012
(At Sullivan St)
Phone: (212) 253-8226
Website: www.bamboleomexicancafenyc.com
Features: Casual Dining, Mexican


La Esquina

laesquina nyc Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 114 Kenmare St, New York 10012
(At Lafayette St)
Phone: (646) 613-7100
Website: www.esquinanyc.com
Features: Casual Dining, Mexican



centrico Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 211 W Broadway, New York 10013
(At Franklin St)
Phone: (212) 431-0700
Website: www.myriadrestaurantgroup.com/centrico/index.html
Features: Casual Dining, Mexican


Dos Caminos

doscaminossoho Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 475 W Broadway, New York 10012
(At Houston St)
Phone: (212) 277-4300
Website: www.doscaminos.com
Features: Casual Elegant, Mexican, Nuevo Latino


Las Chicas Locas

las chicas locas ny1 Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 160 W 25th St, New York 10001
(Btwn 6th & 7th Ave)
Phone: (212) 337-8301
Website: www.lclny.com
Features: Casual Elegant, Mexican


El Parador

elparador Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 325 E 34th St, New York 10016
(Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave)
Phone: (212) 679-6812
Website: www.elparadorcafe.com
Features: Casual Elegant, Mexican, Nuevo Latino



maya Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 1191 1st Ave, New York 10065
(Btwn 64th & 65th St)
Phone: (212) 585-1818
Website: www.modernmexican.com
Features: Casual Dining, Mexican


Maz Mezcal

mazmezcal ny Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 316 E 86th St, New York 10028
(Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave)
Phone: (212) 472-1599
Website: www.mazmezcal.com
Features: Casual Dining, Mexican



crema Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 111 W 17th St, New York 10011
(At 6th Ave)
Phone: (212) 691-4477
Website: www.cremarestaurante.com
Features: Casual Dining, Mexican, Nuevo Latino


Mexicana Mama

mexicanamama ny Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 525 Hudson St, New York 10014
(At 10th St)
Phone: (212) 924-4119
Features: Casual Dining, Mexican



papatzul Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 55 Grand St, New York 10013
(At W Broadway)
Phone: (212) 274-8225
Website: www.papatzul.com
Features: Casual Dining, Mexican, Nuevo Latino



pampano Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 209 E 49th St, New York 10017
(Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave)
Phone: (212) 751-4545
Website: www.modernmexican.com/pampano
Features: Elegant Dining, Mexican, Nuevo Latino


mercadito ny Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 179 Avenue B, New York 10009
(Btwn 11th & 12th St)
Phone: (212) 529-6490
Website: www.mercaditorestaurants.com
Features: Elegant Dining, Mexican, Nuevo Latino



Cascabel Taqueria

Cascabel Taqueria Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 1538 2nd Ave, New York 10028
(Btwn 80th & 81st St)
Phone: (212) 717-8226
Website: www.nyctacos.com
Features: Casual Dining, Mexican


Tulcingo Del Valle

Tulcingo del Valle Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 665 10th Ave, New York 10036
(Btwn 46th & 47th St)
Phone: (212) 262-5510
Website: www.tulcingorestaurant.com
Features: Casual Dining, Latin American



cilantro Restaurant

Restaurant Address: 1321 1st Ave, New York 10021
(At 71st St)
Phone: (212) 537-4040
Website: www.cilantronyc.com
Features: Casual Dining, Southwestern, Mexican

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